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Healing technique example.

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Even Better ‘Healing’ Without the Magic Tool

Healing Example
This is an update to the old method I showed you.

This method is faster, less complicated, and is better at dealing with edges. You still get good results, and you can see what is happening in real time.

10 July 07 – Edited step number 3 so that the whole thing works now!
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How to ‘heal’ photos without the magic tool.

I have revised this technique. See the latest version here.

Healing - Before and After
Here is an alternative to using the healing brush in GIMP 2.3. I think it its good because:

  • It achieves good results
  • It will work in GIMP 2.2
  • Once you have set up the layers it is very quick to do
  • My old computer, a 1GHz Athlon, has no problems with showing the brush strokes in real time.
  • You have a lot more control

Read on to learn all about it.
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